BeeCentric is a love story between two beekeepers, one planet, hundreds of thousands of bees, and millions upon millions of flowers.

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Our mission is to change the world (at least a bit) through sustainable beekeeping.

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All our honeys are made up of a wide variety of floral sources, but each has a different character based on the blooms of the season. Learn more about the beeCentric difference.

Spring Honey
Creamy and fruity. An old apple orchard is beside the hives.
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Summer Honey
Fruity, with some light spice notes.
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Tilia Summer Honey
You may notice either mint or citrus notes contributed from basswood or linden blossoms.
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Knotty Fall Honey
Butterscotch or caramel notes contributed from Japanese knotweed blossoms.
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BeeCentric honey is:

  • Raw, unpasturized, and unfiltered - From comb to jar with all the natural goodness of honey kept intact.
  • Small batch - Highlighting the unique flavour of different blooms across seasons.
  • Surplus - Bees eat first. We never feed sugar syrup. We're careful to leave more honey than needed in each hive.
  • We believe in organic approaches - We keep bees healthy on natural comb, without anti-biotics or synthetic miticides.

Is it eccentric to still believe in love?

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